Community Trading as Investor

Community Trading Program — Differ with our fund management program, Community Trading allows Investor to directly copy the positions taken by Provider and connect a part of the portfolio with theirs. By linking your profile to the providers, Investor copy all of their positions or action on the market henceforth. If they open a new trade, you open a new trade; if they close, you close; if they win, you win and same goes to losses.

With TriumphFX Community Trading Program, you can allocate your fund to skillful strategic traders who have registered as Community Trading providers who wish to share their insights toward the volatile forex market.

How it works for investors with "3 easy steps?"



Apply to be our community trading investor(follower) and follow leader in the market.



Compare, analyse and choose the providers that suits your investment needs


Gain Profit

Make profits when your providers trade and make profits in the market

Benefits of TriumphFX's Community Trading Program over others?

Alternate way to manage your fund

Community Trading program offers our clients another alternative for clients to copy professional traders's decision in the market, thus saving time and hassle. Investor and Providers obtain their profit individually for every trades made.

Providers trade with their own fund

Differ with our fund manager program which Fund Managers use funds entrusted by clients to trade and make profits in the market, Community Trading Providers trade with their own fund which results in better risk management when making risky decisions in the market.

Profit Sharing

Get rewarded when the clients you referred subscibed to any provider and made profits. When clients referred by you make any nett profit via our Community Trading program, their referral and also the provider will be entitled to share part of the profit as reward. The commision breakdown will be distributed as follow: Clients: 70%, Provider: 10%, IB Fees: 20%

Vast Selection of Providers

Our Community Trading program offers clients a vast selection of providers with different trading styles ranging from low to high risk investments. Clients can therefore compare and subscribe to the most suitable providers according to their investment preferences.

Flexibility Trading as Investor


Clients can fund their live trading account using multiple channels — from bank wire (telegraphic transfer) to online payment gateway including Union Pay. As we strive to provide easiest methods for clients to fund their account in shortest time possible, more funding methods will be made available along our company expansion.

Choose your providers

The clients can view and study the provider's growth and performance before making decision to subscribe. Different studies show that people who carefully choose their traders based on statistics and portfolio are up to 10% more successful. Users can opts for different allocation right to copy the trades and monitor the them in live.

Monitor trades in your own account

Positions or actions made by subscribed providers will be directly copied to users' live MT4 accounts. Thus, users will be able to closely monitor and manage their fund in a very convinient way.

Terminating subscriptions

Subscriber can terminate any subcription to any provider any time at the subscriber's will. Doing so will close all the current positions copied from the provider and stop copying any actions thereafter.

Get Started Now

Live trading account application

Note: Only TriumphFX clients are eligible to participate in the Community Trading Program.

For new clients, do kindly open a Live trading account to participate in Community Trading. Once the Live trading account application is approved, clients will receive a welcome email which contains the credentials to login to the trading account and Traders Room account.

Open Live Account

Become A Provider

Provider account will allow Provider to showcase the trading portfolio for other clients (Investor) to subscribe. Check out the role of Provider and determine which role suits you the best!

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