Community Trading as Provider

Community Trading Program — is a brand new system brought to you by TriumphFX which provides easy access to Forex market as a community. We act as an intermediate facilitator to provide and manage a platform for professional traders (Provider) to share their insights and decisions in the market with our clients. In return, part of profits will be shared as reward if they make profits via this program.

With TriumphFX Community Trading Program, You can show your portfolio and performances via TriumphFX's trustable platform to attract follows and make extra profits in the liquidity markets.

How it works for Community Trading Providers with "3 easy steps?"



Apply to be our community trading provider and trade in the market as you usually do.



Your performances will be presented to investors professionally in our platform


Get Rewarded

You will enjoy extra income when clients subscribed to you make profits by copying your actions.

Benefits of TriumphFX's Community Trading Program over others?

Trade as an individual

Clients who allocated their fund to Community Trading Program are copying providers' actions using their own MT4 account. Providers can save the hassle to manage investors' fund and bear the responsibilities for losses as the fund would be handled by investors themselves thus lessen providers' burden and letting them to concentrate more on assessing the market.

Profit Sharing

Get extra reward whenever you make profits as a provider. Part of the profits your followers made by copying your actions will be rewarded to you as return (terms and conditions apply). We will facilitate the profit sharing to your and your clients' accounts accordingly. The commision breakdown will be distributed as follow: Clients: 70%, Provider: 10%, IB Fees: 20%

Great Portfolio Platform

TriumphFX offers a professional and decent platform to help showcase your portfolio and performances. All you have to do is apply as provider and once approved, we will do the jobs to help consolidating, analyzing your performances and display them in a very professional way to our clients.

Promote with Confidence

TriumphFX has spend many years on building clients trust and confidence. From smooth funding to promptly withdrawal records we have, all you need to do is apply as provider. Let us worry about management and building the trust.

Get Started Now

Live trading account application

Note: Only TriumphFX clients are eligible to participate in the Community Trading Program.

For new clients, do kindly open a Live trading account to participate in Community Trading. Once the Live trading account application is approved, clients will receive a welcome email which contains the credentials to login to the trading account and Traders Room account.

Open Live Account

Become an Investor

Investor account will allow clients to copy-trade from more experienced traders (Provider). Check out the role of Investor and determine which role suits you the best!

About Investor