Drive home a new
Mercedes-Benz CLA
Actual car variant may vary from the illustration above.
Champion Strategy Provider Contest
Champion Strategy Provider Contest is open for every Strategy Provider in TriumphFX Community Trading (CT) Program. Traders with the highest profitability (%) accumulated for the contest period of 12 months will be the winner to the brand new Mercedes-Benz CLA.
Contest Rules

Account Type

Competition Account

Contest Period

1st June 2018 - 31st May 2019

Maximum Deposit

500 USD

Total Monthly Prize Pool

24,000 USD

1x Grand Prize

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Actual car variant may vary from the illustration above.
12x Monthly Prize
1st Place
1000 USD
2nd Place
500 USD
3rd Place
250 USD
4th - 8th Place
50 USD
How to Take Part?
Top 8 Providers with highest profitability each month will be rewarded with cash prizes. The Top Provider with highest profitability over the contest period of 12 months will win the Grand Prize of Mercedes-Benz CLA.
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Current Ranking

(28 April 2019 - 31 May 2019)

Ranking Provider Eligibility Trading Score
1 The Pips Master Yes 68.31
2 XS Trader Yes 53.42
3 AZ Yes 40.96
4 Lucky Star Yes 29.29
5 ME FX Yes 4.59
6 Resolute Management Yes 0.00
7 Pinpoint Predictive Yes 0.00
8 Agile Trading Yes 0.00
Competition Duration: 31st of May 2018 to 29th of June 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 Agile Trading 294.28
2 Vanguard FX 17.84
3 Sure Win 10.59
4 Pinpoint Predictive 0.94
Competition Duration: 1st of July 2018 to 27th of July 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 ProTrader M 8.30
2 Roll Royce 1.85
Competition Duration: 29th of July 2018 to 31st of August 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 ProTrader M 27.91
2 Agile Trading II 21.98
3 Fiber Trader III 11.67
4 Pinpoint Predictive 6.78
5 AZ 2.65
6 XW 1.15
Competition Duration: 2nd of September 2018 to 28th of September 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 Jouer Au Aero Stasera 87.09
2 Pinpoint Predictive 66.92
3 Fiber Trader III 57.84
4 Agile Trading II 44.15
5 AZ 20.14
6 Ace 14.67
7 MorEX 9.84
8 ProTrader M 1.00
Competition Duration: 30th of September 2018 to 26th of October 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 Vanguard FX 103.94
2 The Pips Master 81.48
3 Agile Trading II 55.39
4 AZ 19.47
5 ProTrader M 13.91
6 XW 6.75
Competition Duration: 28th of October 2018 to 30th of November 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 EDWIN 110.22
2 Ace 99.78
3 Agile Trading II 41.11
4 Roll Royce 20.74
5 APACE 15.90
6 MorEX 14.83
7 Lim Kwan Sin 14.47
8 Score 1.04
Competition Duration: 2nd of December 2018 to 28th of December 2018.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 ProTrader M 132.02
2 Vanguard FX 130.39
3 Lucky Star 109.59
4 Koba 84.30
5 Agile Trading II 81.94
6 XS Trader 70.18
7 Top Trader 55.83
8 AZ 51.48
Competition Duration: 30th of December 2018 to 25th of January 2019.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 The Last Warrior 233.16
2 Mon5ter 196.07
3 EDWIN 86.28
4 Lucky Star 84.26
5 AZ 70.24
6 XS Trader 48.83
7 Koba 44.14
8 Agile Trading II 23.98
Competition Duration: 27th of January 2019 to 22nd of February 2019.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 Gain PTW 81.97
2 Top Trader 56.28
3 Mon5ter 31.21
4 XS Trader 31.00
5 The Last Warrior 29.00
6 Lucky Star 11.05
7 AZ 9.12
8 Koba 2.55
Competition Duration: 24th of February 2019 to 29th of March 2019.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 The Pips Master 104.12
2 YOLO 87.48
3 EDWIN 75.24
4 AZ 21.62
5 The Last Warrior 16.69
6 Lucky Star 16.05
7 Koba 7.71
8 Agile Trading II 6.01
Competition Duration: 31st of March 2019 to 26th of April 2019.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 MeePooo 249.04
2 ProTrader M 74.71
3 The Last Warrior 38.94
4 Lucky Star 19.72
5 XS Trader 16.96
6 Mon5ter 7.95
7 MorEX 1.83
Competition Duration: 28th of April 2019 to 31st of May 2019.
Rank Provider Trading Score
1 The Pips Master 68.31
2 XS Trader 53.42
3 AZ 40.96
4 Lucky Star 29.29
5 ME FX 4.59
1. Competition Period, Registration and Terms and Conditions for the participation
Competition Duration: 1st of May 2018 to 31st of July 2019.
In the course of the whole competition period, each period of trading days in the competition for each month may differ. Listed below are the starting days and ending days of each month's competition.
Competition Month Competition Starts (21:00 GMT) Competition Ends (21:00 GMT) Announcement of Results Number of trading days
1 June 2018 May 31st (Sun) June 29th (Fri) July 15th (Sun) 21
2 July 2018 July 1st (Sun) July 27th (Fri) August 12th (Sun) 20
3 August 2018 July 29th (Sun) August 31st (Fri) September 16th (Sun) 25
4 September 2018 September 2nd (Sun) September 28th (Fri) October 14th (Sun) 20
5 October 2018 September 30th (Sun) October 26th (Fri) November 11th (Sun) 20
6 November 2018 October 28th (Sun) November 30th (Fri) December 16th (Sun) 25
7 December 2018 December 2nd (Sun) December 28th (Fri) January 13th (Sun) 20
8 January 2019 December 30th (Sun) January 25th (Fri) February 10th (Sun) 20
9 February 2019 January 27th (Sun) February 22nd (Fri) March 10th (Sun) 20
10 March 2019 February 24th (Sun) March 29th (Fri) April 14th (Sun) 25
11 April 2019 March 31st (Sun) April 26th (Fri) May 12th (Sun) 20
12 May 2019 April 28th (Sun) May 31st (Fri) June 14th (Sun) 25
  • Date of Registration - From the starting date of competition for each month, participants are allowed to register any date of the competition month to start competing.
  • Competition Month - Competition period and dates for each month may differ, as listed in Table 1.1, starting and ending dates of the monthly competitions are subjected to every first Sunday to last Friday to the month.
The result of the monthly competition will be officially announced and published on the official website in the dates as stated in the table 1.1 at the "Announcement of Results" panel.
Participants are required to close all floating orders by the end of each monthly competition. Floating orders are not allowed to be carried forward to the consequent competitions.
The competition is carried out for TriumphFX clients ONLY.
The competition will be held through our Community Trading Programme, a community trading platform owned by TriumphFX.
Any individual, who does not have any trading account is required to sign up via our official website (
Any individual, who has a trading account is also required to sign up to acquire a new trading account (
Please click Competition Account on the sign-up page before proceed with the submission of the application.
Competitors who are having multiple trading accounts will only be rewarded for one (1) of their account with the best performance.
Competitors are required to provide true and up-to-date details, failing in which will disqualify the competitor from the contest without prior notice and their reward will be made null and void.
In the event of any dispute of the identity of the participant during or after the Competition, the company will disqualify the competitor.
After successful registration, participant will receive a welcome email that contains login account ID and password. However, the company will not be liable to any consequence in the event that the email provided is incorrect and/or mismanaged.
Under any circumstances, company staffs will neither request login credential from Competitors nor retrieve login password on behalf of Competitors. If the password if forgotten, please initiate Rest Password, where a password reset link will be sent to the registered email address. (
The required minimum initial and also the maximum capital for the Competition is 500.00 USD.
  • Minimum and Maximum amount per deposit is 500 USD.
  • Deposit is not allowed when the trading has commenced.
  • Maximum number of unclosed positions are 100.
  • Maximum lot per execution is 0.01.
  • Leverage setting 1:500
All participants will be trading on an account with the leveraging ratio of 1:500 with the instruments of Forex and Precious Metal. The price quoted will be in variable spread.
Trading activities can only be performed on MetaTrader 4 platform.
TriumphFX is the official organizer and sponsor of the Competition "Champion Strategy Provider Competition" and has the right of amending the Competition condition at any time without any prior notification.
2. Selection of the winners and conditions for the Competition account
The top eight (8) participants with the most outstanding performance judged by the highest profitability will win the following prizes in accordance of the ranking.
1st Prize: 1,000 USD + 10 Tokens
2nd Prize: 500 USD + 5 Tokens
3rd Prize: 250 USD + 3 Tokens
4th to 8th Prize: 50 USD + 1 Token
The awarded prize will be credited to the Account Balance in winner's Traders Room account respectively. *Tokens rewarded will be used as a ballot count for the final grand prize Mercedes CLA Class lucky draw. This means with the more tokens owned, the higher the chances of winning the grand prize lucky draw.
The performance is determined by the Trading Activities Score with the following formula:
Trading Activities Score:
= (Profit % + Volume + (Number of trades/1000), where
Profit % = [(End Equity - Start Equity) / Start Equity] x 100
Volume Trading Lots
Number of trade Number of closed positions
Grand Prize will be randomly drawn from the "Lucky Box". All contestant is eligible to take part. The chances of wining are determined by the total number of followers that stays with the contestants until the end of competition.
Participants may use any Expert Advisors and strategies that comply with our Order Execution Policy (
TriumphFX may reserves the right to reject any applications of the Competition or disqualify the Competitor before, during or after the Competition if either 1 of the following rules are violated:
  • Violation or Non-Observance of the Competition rules;
  • Violation or Non-Observance of the policies that are stated in Legal Documents (;
  • Provision of false personal information when submitting application or refusing to provide confirmation on the personal information by corresponding documents;
  • Illegal trading between or among participants;
  • Opening of inverse positions on the same financial instruments on different accounts and at the same time;
  • Use of quotes flow failure to make guaranteed profits;
  • Ascertainment or suspicion that a participant has committed any kind of fraudulent action for being listed among the winners
In case of disqualification, the participant's account will be excluded from the Competition, including removing from the ranking.
A situation which is not covered by these rules or TriumphFX official regulations shall be sorted out by means of talks. The final decision shall be made by the organizer of the Competition and shall not be revised.
3. Quitting the Competition
Participants may quit the Competition at any point of the event provided that there are not floating positions. The balance can be withdrawn without any deduction and it is subject to our Terms of Withdrawal.
Negative Balance Protection is not applicable for contestant trading accounts.
4. Awarding of winners and prize receipt rules
The winner for the Competition "Champion Strategy Provider Competition" must confirm his Identity, address and the contact number in the Client's Profile. The winner must fully verify his personal profile according to the requirements described in TriumphFX AML policy.
The monthly and grand prize will be delivered within 10 business days after the announcement of the final result.
Winners can choose to continue the Competition after winning the monthly prizes.
TriumphFX reserves the right to use the information related to the winning accounts for advertising purposes and publish it in any sources of information. The winners are invited to participate in TriumphFX's advertising and marketing actions such as interviews, photo- and video-reportages, and press releases concerning the Competition. At the same time TriumphFX commits itself not to divulge the winner's private information (including name and surname) without the winner's consent. Should a winner refuse to participate in these actions, the TriumphFX reserves the right to disqualify the winner and award the prize to the participant occupying the next place in the final ranking.
Grand Prize will be drawn after 14 days end of this competition. The draw will be conducted via Facebook Live in our official Facebook page.
Monthly Cash Prizes will only be awarded to participants with Trading Score (as formulated in Section 2.2) of more than 0.00. Participants with Trading Score of 0.00 or less will not be entitled for the Monthly Cash Prizes.